6 VERY Good Reasons to Manage Your DNS with Techstreak

1- Upgraded software… with no downtime – As your hosting provider, we will be able to upgrade the software running your sites with minimal or no downtime, because we will be managing your records.

2- Upgraded hardware… with no downtime – The same is true for hardware; we will literally be able to upgrade your infrastructure and immediately switch you over without downtime.

3-Better performance – As your hosting and DNS provider, we can ensure that the technology stack that runs your site is optimized for performance. We estimate that we could save you thousands of milliseconds in page load time.

4- All in one place – You’ll be able to easily manage your DNS records alongside your hosting and everything WordPress… and your billing, client management and customer portal if you so choose, saving you a huge amount of time.

5-Secure your online identity with DNSSEC! (Coming soon) – Boost your domain’s security with DNSSEC-enabled DNS management. Safeguard your online presence from threats with our feature that verifies DNS authenticity, protecting your visitors from redirection to malicious sites. Secure your domain with us and ensure your online communication’s trust and integrity.

6-Expert live support, for everything – If you have any problems or want to know how to get something done, our legendary expert live support team is there to help solve your issues and help you out across your entire stack.

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