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Welcome to the Techstreak Web Development pricing page. Below you will find an overview of our pricing for web development, hosting and custom services. Please feel free to contact us anytime through our contact form and our online chat. We are here to make your experience incredibly affordable, reliable and supported. We guarantee. It should not cost you $1000's of dollars or 30 different types of subscriptions to get your website and business idea off the ground. Contact Us today

Our Yearly dev packages below Gives you up to 15%. We are here 24/7 ready to assist you for any questions you may have.


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$599.99 - Delivered

Launch Your Online Presence with Precision

The Standard package is expertly crafted for individuals, startups, and small businesses ready to carve out their unique space online. Ideal for those seeking to launch their digital presence swiftly and efficiently, this package offers a comprehensive suite of web development tools tailored to get your site up and running with professional flair. With responsive design, basic SEO, and essential features, the Standard package sets the stage for your online journey, ensuring you make a lasting impression from the get-go. Start your digital adventure with confidence and watch your vision come to life.


Free Consultation & Domain Setup

3 Days Delivery

Custom Theme Installation

Convert Website into WordPress

5 Page Website

Website App

SEO 1.0

5 Premium Plugins (*Smush Pro *)

Image Generator

5% Off - 24/7 Customer Support


Premium Package

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$799.99 - Delivered

Our Premium package is designed for businesses and creators looking to take their online presence to the next level. This package is the perfect blend of sophisticated design, advanced functionality, and strategic growth tools. With enhanced SEO services, and custom integrations, the Premium package empowers you to build a dynamic, engaging online experience for your audience. Elevate your website from a simple platform to a powerful tool for engagement, conversion, and customer retention. Let the Premium package be the catalyst for your digital evolution.


Free Consultation & Domain Setup

5 Days Delivery

Custom Theme Installation

Convert Website into WordPress

8 Page Website

Website App

SEO 2.0

7 Premium Plugins (*Smush Pro *)

AI Content Creator / Setup

10% Off - 24/7 Customer Support



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$999.99 - Delivered

For those who dream without limits, our Custom package offers the ultimate in personalized web development. This package is for established businesses, enterprises, and anyone in need of a bespoke digital solution tailored exactly to their specifications. Our Custom package provides you with our full spectrum of design, development, and consulting services. With a dedicated team to bring your vision to life, the Custom package ensures that your online presence is as limitless as your ambition. Experience unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation, and create a website that truly stands apart.


Free Consultation & Domain Setup

7 Days Delivery

Custom Theme Installation

Convert Website into WordPress

15 Page Website

Website App

SEO 3.0

10 Premium Plugins (*Smush Pro *)

Google Business Profile

15% Off - 24/7 Customer Support

Each package is thoughtfully designed to support your at different stages of YOUR online journey, from initial exploration to leading the digital frontier. These descriptions aim to connect on a motivational level, encouraging you to embark on your journey with Techstreak.com as a trusted partner and support solution. Contact Us Today

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